Assistant Resident Wellness Director

Hunter's Woods at Trails Edge

(Reston, VA)

Currently Hiring:

  • Full Time

FT = Full Time | PT = Part Time | OPT = Occasional Part Time

Departmental Accountabilities: Wellness
Reports To: Resident Wellness Director
Desired Education Level: Graduate of an accredited school of nursing.
Travel Required: No
Position Summary:

The focus of this position is working with and through others, building and maintaining relationships, and working closely and accurately within established guidelines. There is a need for an effective communicator, someone who is able to stimulate and motivate others while being aware of and responsive to their needs and concerns. There will be many different people to meet and work with. The person in this position must be friendly and genuinely interested in the business, agenda, and needs of others, including the company, its management, the team, the company's customers, or all of the above. A persuasive, teaching style of communication is required to communicate the company's policies, programs, and systems. A faster-than-average pace will be the norm for this position. Detail work is a major focus of the job, and those details need to be handled quickly, correctly, and efficiently. This portion of the work will often focus on relationships with others; correct handling of details dealing with others is necessary to maintain and grow relationships. If the job involves managing others, following up carefully, closely, and cheerfully is required to ensure both correct work and maintenance of the relationships. Necessary corrections must be made in a constructive, supportive manner. As time is usually a factor, the work must be done on time, as well as correctly. In general, this is a position where guidelines, structure, and established policies must be followed fairly closely, while working with and for others.

Required Job Functions:

The employee must be able to perform these essential functions with or without reasonable accommodation by IntegraCare Corporation without posing a direct threat to self or others.

1. Perform all duties and responsibilities with a positive attitude, demonstrates impeccable
ethics and integrity.

2. Supports the Resident Wellness Director in ensuring that the Wellness Department follows
all company policies and procedures.

3. Coordinates planning and exchange of information with other health professionals; Resident
and family members (POA).

4. Completes all requires documentation in a timely manner utilizing required forms and media
(hard copy or electronic record).

5. Provides direct care and nursing intervention to all residents including but not limited to:
including administering medication, measuring and recording temperature, pulse,
respiration, blood pressure, etc.

6. Initiates communication with family members of new Residents.

7. Assumes leadership role in absence of Resident Wellness Director, acting as his/her
designee. Then go into shift charge role.

8. Is in charge of department in absences of department director; always in charge of shift;
supervises Charge Nurses/LPN Supervisors, Resident Wellness Associates, Medication
Associates, Resident Services Coordinator and Resident Wellness Coordinator; determines
shift assignments, provides instruction to Wellness staff and ensures care is provided as

9. Conducts room checks and reviews MARs to assure that Resident Wellness
Associates/Medication Associates, daily assignments are completed, daily.

10. Completes staff schedule in conjunction with Resident Wellness Director.

11. Provides corrective feedback and disciplines Wellness team members in conjunction with
Resident Wellness Director.

12. Assists with the performance review process for department; completes performance
reviews in conjunction with department director and with input from Charge Nurses/LPN

13. Maintains ancillary supply inventory and fills Resident supply requests as needed.

14. Observes, documents and responds to significant changes in Residents' conditions.
Completes monthly summary to reflect Resident status.

15. Assists with Resident admissions, transfers and discharges

16. Assists physician and Registered Nurse with specialized procedures as needed.

17. Facilitates Residents in getting to and from social, recreational or other functions.

18. Verifies and stores medications upon receipt.

19. Accepts call-off from Wellness team members and when in charge of residence from hourly
staff of all department; replaces call-offs and modifies schedule to ensure proper staffing.

20. Participates in General Orientation and annual training programming for all team members.

21. Provides directions, oversight and motoring with a focus on Wellness team members.

22. Maintains current licensure, associated certifications, credentials and annual continuing
educations requirements.

23. Assists in the oversight and management of community infection control and prevention.

24. Assures Resident safety.

25. Complete Incident/Accident Reports as needed.

26. Must be adaptable, teachable and flexible in tasks and have exceptional time management
and organizational skills.

27. Must be a team player and have the ability to mentor and coach other residence team

28. Self-motivated, proactive and able to handle multiple projects simultaneously in a fast-
paced environment.

29. Responds to Residents’ needs.
30. Respects Residents’ rights, privacy and dignity.

31. Participates in the manager-on-duty program, to encompass working as a direct care worker
when the needs of the community require such.

32. Works the floor as needed.

33. Assists Resident Wellness Director with review of required documentation (regulatory and
ICC required) to assure standards are met.

Equipment Required to Operate:

1. Telephone
2. CPR mask or ambu bag

3. Emergency oxygen equipment

4. Medication equipment (i.e., syringes, vials, etc.)

5. Thermometer

6. Sphygmomanometer

7. Computer

8. MOVE N software


10. Nurse Call System

11. Wander Management System

12. Various Lifting and Transfer Equipment


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Knowledge of standard nursing practices, and state and local regulations is required. Knowledge of medical records maintenance and the ability to handle emergency situations calmly and competently are required. The ability to establish and maintain effective working
relationships with all residence personnel is essential. The ability to communicate effectively in English both orally and in writing is required. The ability to exercise good judgment and make confident ethical decisions is essential. Must be able to effectively manage time in order to complete multiple projects/tasks. Must possess computer skills. May require frequent lifting, bending, stretching, and standing for long periods of time.

Graduate of an accredited school of nursing.

Five years prior clinical or long-term care experience is preferred. Five years supervisory

Current LPN license, in good standing, in the state employed is required. CPR certification is

Additional Information: