Charge Medication Associate

The Residence at Colvin Run

(Great Falls, VA)

Currently Hiring:

  • Night - 10pm-6am

FT = Full Time | PT = Part Time | OPT = Occasional Part Time

Departmental Accountabilities: Wellness
Reports To: Resident Wellness Director, Charge Nurse Supervisor & LifeStories Director
Desired Education Level: A high school diploma or GED required.
Travel Required: No
Position Summary:

Responsible for preparing, administering and charting oral, topical and suppository drugs. Performs pulse and blood pressure measurements and administers PRN drugs as directed. Assists with admission, discharge and transfer procedures. Completes documentation clearly and accurately in the Medication Administration Record, Controlled Substance and Destructions logs, Resident Records and Move N. Ensures dignity and respect for team members and Residents by using principles and guidance found in the team member policy and procedures manual. Uses techniques learned in Life Stories Training to provide appropriate environment to minimize stress for Residents.

Required Job Functions:

The employee must be able to perform these essential functions with or without reasonable accommodation by IntegraCare Corporation without posing a direct threat to self or others.

1. Perform all duties and responsibilities with a positive attitude, demonstrates impeccable ethics and integrity.
2. Prepares, administers and charts oral, topical and suppository drugs.
3. Administers drugs only with a written order.
4. Performs pulse and blood pressure measurements.
5. Administers insulin and performs capillary glucose monitoring following completion of certification by a Certified Diabetic Educator.
6. Signs and has access to the controlled schedule drug cabinet.
7. In absence of Charge Nurse Supervisor, may take call-offs when assigned.
8. Makes pertinent observations and documents changes in the Residents' condition and reports them to the Charge Nurse Supervisor, Resident Wellness Director or LifeStories Director.
9. Assists with admissions, discharges and transfer procedures.
10. Attends required in-service trainings and orientations.
11. Returns drugs to pharmacy for credit. Disposes of outdated and discontinues medications properly and in accordance with ICC policy and DEP regulations.
12. Completes all required electronic documentation in a timely manner in Move N.
13. Sends pharmacy orders on fax machine.
14. Determines and documents shift assignments of Resident Wellness Associates with fairness, provides assignment information to Wellness team and monitors that care is provided and tasks are completed as assigned. Reports any deviation to Supervisor in writing, using tools and protocols according to company policy.
15. Assists in the exchange of information with other health professional to assess Resident care needs.
16. Serves as charge person for shifts. As the charge person, works to create a supportive and collaborative team environment through positive communication, engagement and consistent adherence to company policies and established care standards.
17. Communicate changes in Resident status to various constituents and ancillary healthcare professionals involved in service to the Residents: family, doctors, emergency medical personnel, team members and community management.
18. Works as Resident Wellness Associate as directed by the Resident Wellness Director, Charge Nurse Supervisor or Life Stories Director, or as the situation and Resident needs require.
19. Ensures that activity programming is continued in the absence of the Life Stories Director.
20. Serves as a trainer for Resident Wellness Associate.
21. Promotes a culture of engagement and professionalism as the hallmark of an IntegraCare community, by being responsive, transparent, and consistent with follow through.
22. Conducts tours in absence of management team members.
23. Responds to Residents' requests.
24. Respects Residents’ rights, dignity and privacy.
25. Ensures Resident dignity and respect by using techniques learned in Life Stories Training to minimize Residents stress and maximize cooperation through dignity and empathy.

Equipment Required to Operate:

1. Telephone
2. CPR mask or ambu bag
3. Emergency oxygen equipment
4. Medication equipment (i.e., syringes, vials, etc.)
5. Thermometer
6. Sphygmomanometer
Charge Medication Associate – November 2018 3
7. Computer and MOVE N software
8. Nurse Call System
9. Wander Management System
10. Various Lifting and Transfer Equipment