Executive Hospitality Associate

Newhaven Court at Lindwood

(Greensburg, PA)

Currently Hiring:

  • Full Time

FT = Full Time | PT = Part Time | OPT = Occasional Part Time

Departmental Accountabilities: Hospitality
Reports To: Executive Operations Officer
Desired Education Level: High school graduate or GED.
Position Summary:

Responsible for managing and monitoring the hospitality functions for the residence. Supervises hospitality team members. Ensures the department is operating in accordance with ICC polices and procedures and that all Resident and staff housekeeping and laundry needs are met. Responsible for maintaining adequate cleaning and laundry supplies.

Required Job Functions:

1. Perform all duties and responsibilities with a positive attitude, demonstrates impeccable ethics and integrity.
2. Ensures the hospitality department operates in accordance with ICC policies and procedures.
3. Supervises Hospitality Associates and Hospitality Laundry Associate.
4. Assess staffing needs and establishes a work schedule for hospitality department.
5. Accepts call-offs from hospitality team members and replaces call-offs.
6. Interviews, hires and trains hospitality team members.
7. Ensures that the facility and laundry areas are maintained in a clean and safe manner, assuring appropriate caution/safety signs are used.
8. Ensures that the laundry and linen supplies are readily available to meet the daily needs of the residents and facility.
9. Coordinates the daily housekeeping/laundry services with the resident care department when performing routine cleaning assignments in resident living or recreational areas.
10. Schedules indoor window cleaning at least twice a year.
11. Schedules quarterly deep cleaning schedules.
12. Assures that established infection control practices are maintained in housekeeping/laundry departments.
13. Develops and maintains hospitality assignments and instructs hospitality team members accordingly.
14. Provides corrective feedback to and disciplines hospitality team members.
15. Completes performance reviews for hospitality team members.
16. Assists in daily cleaning and laundry activities as needed.
17. Purchases housekeeping and laundry supplies and maintains appropriate inventory.
18. Conducts and/or attends required in-services and orientation.
19. Must be adaptable, teachable and flexible in tasks and have exceptional time management and organizational skills.
20. Must be a team player and have the ability to mentor and coach other residence team members.
21. Self-motivated, proactive and able to handle multiple projects simultaneously in a fast-paced environment.
22. Responds to Residents' requests.
23. Respects Residents’ rights, privacy and dignity.
24. May participate in the Manager-on-Duty program.

Equipment Required to Operate:

1. Vacuum Cleaner
2. Carpet/Upholstery Extractor
3. Mop
4. Broom
5. Laundry Cart
6. Washing Machine
7. Dryer
8. Floor Stripper


A. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
The ability to manage and direct the housekeeping and laundry functions in accordance with ICC policies and procedures, and with state and local regulations is required. Knowledge of cleaning and laundering practices and techniques is required. The ability to communicate effectively in English both orally and in writing is required. The ability to exercise good judgment and make confident ethical decisions is essential. Must be able to effectively manage time in order to complete multiple tasks. Requires frequent lifting, stretching, bending and standing for long periods of time. Requires pushing of linen carts. Must possess computer skills for department schedules and placing orders.

B. Education
High school graduate or GED is required.

C. Experience
Three to four years supervisory experience in the housekeeping/laundry field is required.

D. Certificates/Licenses
None required.

Note: Pennsylvania Personal Care Home regulations require a minimum age of 18 for this position.

E. Job Characteristics

The focus of this job is on achieving accurate and timely results that support established organizational standards. Drive, determination, and taking responsibility for assuring company policies and procedures are correctly followed are necessary qualities for successful job performance. The job environment is structured and job expectations are well defined, supported by job training and on the job experience. While the pace of the work is faster than average, the timeliness and quality of results is never compromised. An active, positive response to a variety of challenges and time pressures is also required. The nature of the work requires quick decision-making, based on knowledge of pertinent information and an intention to reduce risk factors as much as possible. Careful, critical analysis of new ideas or innovations is important to assure any changes align with and support established practices. Firm decisions that support established policies and procedures need to be implemented in an authoritative manner. The job requires getting things done quickly and handling a variety of activities within a well-defined job scope. Because of the fast pace of the work, it is important that job related knowledge and responsibilities be learned and mastered quickly and thoroughly. It is expected that communication will be factual and authoritative, focused on continual problem solving to overcome any obstacles to achieving high quality, timely results. If the job requires delegation to others, it will be important to provide staff with a positive, supportive environment in which they can learn the tasks and procedures necessary to meet quality standards. The job environment provides recognition and reward for steady broadening of responsibilities based on initiative, proven competence and adherence to well established business practices.

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