Laundry Assistant

Bay Village

(Annapolis, MD)

Currently Hiring:

  • Part Time

FT = Full Time | PT = Part Time | OPT = Occasional Part Time

Departmental Accountabilities: Housekeeping
Reports To: Safety and Maintenance Engineer/Hospitality Services Director
Desired Education Level: A high school diploma or G.E.D. is required.
Position Summary:

Responsible for collecting and washing soiled laundry, linens and garments, separating out all items that require special stain removal and treatment. Presses or irons laundry as needed. Folds, sorts and distributes clean laundry. Performs hospitality duties as required.

Required Job Functions:

1. Perform all duties and responsibilities with a positive attitude and demonstrates impeccable ethics and integrity.
2. Collects, sorts and washes soiled laundry, linens and garments, including Residents' personal laundry.
3. Separates all items that require special stain removal and treatment.
4. Maintains laundry nametags on Residents' laundry.
5. Folds, sorts, and distributes clean laundry and linens in a neat orderly manner.
6. Presses or irons linens as necessary.
7. Presses or irons Residents' laundry as necessary and hangs laundry on hangers.
8. Distributes and stores laundry appropriately.
9. Removes threadbare, stained or frayed linens from daily circulation.
10. Replaces washing chemicals as needed.
11. Maintains residence laundry area in an organized manner.
12. Maintains infection control standards of practice.
13. Pushes soiled and clean linen carts.
14. Cross trained with housekeeping and performs housekeeping duties when assigned.
15. Conducts tours in absence of management team members.
16. Attends required in-service trainings and orientations.
17. Respects Residents’ rights, privacy and dignity.
18. Responds to Residents' requests.


A. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
The ability to maintain an adequate supply of clean laundry and linens is required. Knowledge of basic cleaning and laundering techniques and practices is essential. The ability to exercise good judgment and make confident ethical decisions is essential. Must be able to effectively manage time in order to complete multiple tasks. The ability to communicate in English both orally and in writing is required. Requires frequent lifting, stretching, bending and standing for long periods of time. Requires pushing of linen carts.

B. Education
High school diploma or GED required.

C. Experience
Previous laundry experience is preferred.

D. Certificates/Licenses
None required.

Additional Information:

IntegraCare is an Equal Opportunity Employer