LifeStages Director

Bay Village

(Annapolis, MD)

Departmental Accountabilities: LifeStages
Reports To: Executive Operations Officer
Desired Education Level: A Bachelor's degree in Recreational Therapy is preferred. High school graduate or GED is required.
Position Summary:

Provides active and passive, group and individual activities that enhance the mental, physical, spiritual and social needs of Residents and that allow Residents to continue playing an active role in society.

Required Job Functions:

1. Perform all duties and responsibilities with a positive attitude and demonstrates impeccable ethics and integrity.
2. Plans, develops, organizes, implements and directs group and individual activities (including preparation and clean up) inside and outside the residence ensuring the program meets the mental, physical, spiritual and social needs of the Residents.
3. Develops and maintains good community relations.
4. Ensures life stages department and staff operate in accordance with all ICC policies and procedures.
5. Consults Residents' families as needed to best meet individual Resident needs.
6. Arranges transportation and escorts for access to the community and outside activities.
7. Maintains departmental budgets.
8. Records and maintains activity progress notes as well as a record of Resident activities and attendance.
9. Prepares and posts monthly, weekly and daily activity schedule.
10. Organizes and maintains a volunteer program.
11. Leads an active Resident Council.
12. Develops quarterly residence newsletter.
13. Completes a Life Story Form for each new resident.
14. Participates in the manager-on-duty program.
15. Interviews and trains activities personnel.
16. Manages and evaluates team members, providing performance counseling and additional training as needed.
17. Determines adequate staffing needs and develops a work schedule for activities department and performs weekly timekeeping duties.
18. Must be adaptable, teachable and flexible in tasks and have exceptional time management and organizational skills.
19. Must be a team player and have the ability to mentor and coach other residence team members.
20. Self-motivated, proactive and able to handle multiple projects simultaneously in a fast-paced environment.
21. Conducts and/or attends required in-service training sessions and orientations.
22. Responds to Residents' requests.
23. Respects Residents’ rights, privacy and dignity.


A. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
The ability to develop, organize and implement a well-rounded activities program that enhances the lives of residents is required. The ability to manage and direct activities staff is required. Should have knowledge of therapeutic recreational techniques. Must be able to interact positively with outside organizations and develop good community relations. Creativity and motivational skills essential. The ability to exercise good judgment and make confident ethical decisions is essential. Must be able to effectively manage time in order to complete multiple tasks. The ability to communicate effectively in English both orally and in writing is essential. Requires frequent bending, stretching, stooping and lifting.

B. Education
A Bachelor's degree in Recreational Therapy is preferred. High school graduate or GED is required.

C. Experience
A minimum of one year of prior experience in the recreational therapy field required. Gerontology experience is preferred.

D. Certificates/Licenses
CTRS preferred. A valid Maryland driver's license is required with no more than two moving violations in a three-year period as determined by insurance industry standards.

E. Job Characteristics

This position requires a very careful adherence to well-defined work where repeatable results are needed. The work is highly precise in nature and requires a very strong attention to detail. It is vital for the work output to be very high quality, with correct results, time and time again. Checking and double-checking is often necessary; individuals performing the job must be patient and conscientious. Both the content and the presentation are important; all work must be highly polished. There is little ambiguity in this job. It is very clear what needs to be done, and what the expected results are. This clarity will come either from the company's management, or from established professional disciplines and processes. The established procedures and processes must be followed very closely; there is little room or necessity to modify them. Much of the work can be accomplished by working at a steady, even pace. There is much consistency and familiarity from one day to the next. It is generally feasible to plan large blocks of work ahead of time. When work duties do change, there is ample foresight and time to prepare. The work is best accomplished working as an individual, without a great dependence on other people or "politics" for results. The work is helpful in nature; providing support and/or service to others in an environment free from competition. Interacting with customers requires a professional, formal manner where the focus is on completing the task pleasantly and correctly.

Additional Information:

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