LPN Supervisor

Colonial Courtyard at Tyrone

(Tyrone, PA)

Currently Hiring:

  • 2nd Shift Full time

FT = Full Time | PT = Part Time | OPT = Occasional Part Time

Departmental Accountabilities: Resident Care
Reports To: Director of Resident Care Services
Desired Education Level: LPN License
Travel Required: No
Position Summary:

Administers medication and coordinates medical needs of the Residents with physicians, Resident Care Director and family members.  Observes, documents and reports significant changes in Residents' condition, recommending changes in care needs. Supervises Resident Service Specialist/Medication Assistants, determines shift assignments, provides instruction to Resident Care staff and ensures care is provided as instructed.

Required Job Functions:


  1. Performs all duties and responsibilities with a positive attitude.
  2. Supports the Director of Resident Care Services in ensuring that the Resident Care Department follows all company policies and procedures.

3          Assists in the planning and exchange of information with other health professionals to       assess Resident care needs.

  1. Provides physical and emotional support to all Residents including administering medication, measuring and recording temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure, etc.
  2. Is in charge of shift; supervises Resident Service Specialist and Medication Assistants determines shift assignments, provides instruction to Resident Care staff and ensures care is provided as instructed.
  3. Provides corrective feedback and disciplines Resident Care staff.
  4. Participates in performance review process from the prospective of supervisor for Resident Care Staff.
  5. Participates in the hiring process of Resident Care staff.
  6. Observes, documents and reports significant changes in Residents' conditions. Completes monthly summary to reflect Resident status.
  7. Assists with Resident admissions, transfers and discharges.
  8. Assists physician and Registered Nurse with specialized procedures as needed.
  9. Facilitates Residents in getting to and from social, recreational or other functions.
  10. Verifies and stores medications upon receipt.
  11. Accepts call-off from Resident Care staff and when in charge of residence from hourly staff of all department; replaces call-offs and modifies schedule to ensure proper staffing.
  12. Conducts and/or attends in-service training sessions and orientations.
  13. Assure Resident safety.
  14. Complete Incident/Accident Reports as needed.
  15. Responds to Residents’ needs.
  16. Respects Residents’ rights, privacy and dignity.
Equipment Required to Operate:
  1. Telephone
  2. CPR mask or ambu bag
  3. Emergency oxygen equipment
  4. Medication equipment (i.e., syringes, vials, etc.)
  5. Thermometer
  6. Sphygmomanometer
  7. Computer and MOVE N software
  8. Nurse Call System
  9. Wander Management System
  10. Various Lifting and Transfer Equipment
  • Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of standard nursing practices, and state and local regulations is required.  Knowledge of medical records maintenance and the ability to handle emergency situations calmly and competently are required.  Ability to communicate effectively in English both orally and in writing is essential. Supervisory skills necessary. Requires frequent lifting, bending, stretching, and standing for long periods of time.


  • Education

Graduate of an accredited school of nursing.


  • Experience

One year prior clinical experience is preferred. Supervisory experience preferred.


  • Certificates/Licenses

Current LPN license in the state employed is required.  CPR certification is required.

Additional Information:


  • Must be able to effectively and efficiently administer medications to the Residents and coordinate their medical needs
  • Must able to accurately observe, document and report any significant changes in a Resident’s condition
  • Must be Action-oriented and able to provide reasonable recommendations regarding changes in wellness and care needs
  • Must proactively provide supervision, insight and sound guidance to Resident Care Assistants and Medication Assistants


  • Must be able to effectively weigh the risk against the benefit through critical thinking processes and be instrumental in guiding others in their decision making
  • Must be a proactive decision maker who engages in team consensus and collaboration to solve current and ongoing issues

Communication & Collaboration

  • Must be able to effectively communicate wellness and medical regulations, policies and procedures to Residents, families, vendors, and team members
  • Must be a precise and inclusive communicator with the ability to be insightful and objective with multiple audiences
  • Must be firm, direct, and self-assured in dealing with minor, as well as highly sensitive issues, and able to effectively influence and stimulate others during serious or emergency situations
  • Must be able to communicate with a sense of customer service and professionalism, while maintaining the ability show empathy and compassion