Wellness and Operations Specialist

IntegraCare Corporate HQ

(Wexford, PA)

Currently Hiring:

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Departmental Accountabilities: Residence Support/Resident Wellness Departments – All Communities
Reports To: Director of Resident Wellness Operations & Staff Development; works cooperatively with Directors of Operations, Executive Operations Officers and Resident Wellness Directors
Desired Education Level: Graduate of an accredited nursing school.
Travel Required: PA, MD, and VA
Position Summary:

Completes Resident clinical record audits to assure compliance with federal regulations, Department of Human Services (PA) regulations, Department of Health & Mental Hygiene (MD) regulations, Department of Social Services (VA) and IntegraCare standards and policies. Completes audits of Medication Administration Records and Treatment Administration Records, as well as systems for supporting Resident wellness operations such as Assignment Sheets and other tools of accountability for the department. Evaluates the quality of Resident care being provided and makes recommendations. Uses Root-Cause Analysis and critical thinking to support recommendations to community and wellness operations improvement.

Assists with timely completion of functional assessments and support plans; assists with obtaining updated medical evaluations. Records, and reports audit findings methodically and consistently with an eye toward process and system evaluation and improvement. Supports the RWD with guiding care, including doing so while RWD is on vacation, or when the position is in transition due to turn-over. Provides CPR and SFA classes at the communities. Administers Medication Administration Training and Observations. Completes timely and thorough documentation. Keeps abreast of industry trends affecting Resident Wellness. Travels regularly, including overnight stays, as needed with the possible necessity to travel and work on a weekend day.

Required Job Functions:

1. Performs all duties and responsibilities with a positive attitude.
2. Travels to all ICC communities with required overnight stays.
3. Completes audits on Resident record and wellness systems and assists with achieving compliance in those records.
4. Makes recommendations for systems improvement based on observations and experience with tools, systems and process to support wellness operations.
5. Assists Resident Wellness Directors (RWD) with timely completion of functional assessments and support plans, to include timely procurement of completed medical evaluations.
6. Assists RWD to prepare for state surveys and recommends and documents items for correction accordingly. Assists with plans of correction as indicated or requested.
7. Audits Medication Administration Records and Treatment Administration Records and evaluates Medication Administration systems and procedures for compliance.
8. Becomes MA TTT certified and fulfills duties of TTT/PO during visits to verify integrity of the MA training program. Works to identify gaps and training needs.
9. Qualifies other RWD’s as Practicum Observer (PO).
10. Assists with corrections issues uncovered in MAR/TAR audits.
11. Provides CPR and Standard First Aid training to communities.
12. Conducts documentation training for LPNs and Medication Assistances, in accordance with regulatory requirements and ICC standards.
13. Monitors and coordinates and reports on the implementation of Wellness initiatives. Supports training for wellness initiatives.
14. Fills in vacant Resident Wellness Director & Executive Operations Officer roles within region. Fulfills job expectations such as serving on MOD program.
15. Conducts staff interviews as requested by the DRCO&SD to assist with on-site Wellness recruitment.
16. Supports General and Departmental Orientation consistent with organizational standards and objectives, in relief or support of RWD.
17. Supports RWD with guiding care, including guiding care when RWD is on vacation.
18. Serves as a member of the Continuous Quality Inspection (CQI) team 3 – 6 times per year, by reviewing the Wellness section.
19. Conducts Wellness revenue systems auditing; to include care levels, supplies, pharmacy, etc.
20. Evaluates all Wellness Operations by consistently reviewing systems for compliance with both regulatory and ICC standards.
21. Communicates deviation from standard, safety and health concerns to supervisor in a timely manner.
22. Respects Residents’ rights, privacy and dignity.


A. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Knowledge of standard nursing practices and state and local regulations is required. Knowledge of medical records maintenance and the ability to handle emergency situations calmly and competently are required. Ability to communicate effectively in English both orally and in writing is essential. Supervisory skills necessary. Must demonstrate effective organizational skills, flexibility and understanding of delivery of care to the elderly. Must have good interpersonal and communication skills. Must have basic computer skills – use of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.

B. Education
Graduate of an accredited nursing school.

C. Experience
Three years in the Assisted Living industry or Senior Care industry required.

D. Certificates/Licenses
Current LPN license in the state employed. CPR/SFA instructor certification preferred. (PA) MA TTT certification. (PA) PHCA certification. Prior to or following hire. Current driver's license in state employed is preferred. Application for other state professional licenses required as necessitated by Residence geographic locations.

E. Job Characteristics

The focus of this specialized, technically oriented position is on meeting and exceeding high standards of accuracy and quality based on established systems, technologies and guidelines. Strength in technical problem solving based on expertise and experience, and a strong commitment to efficiently achieve high quality results is required. A thoughtful, persevering, self-disciplined approach to achieving accurate, detailed work is essential. Job responsibilities and expectations are clearly defined, as is the scope of job authority. Expertise and competency is developed through a systematic technical training program, as well as an ongoing exposure to and training in new technical systems once they have been adopted and well tested. A key aspect of the job includes the ongoing identification of technical problems and the development of sound, carefully thought-out solutions. Problem solving is focused on proven systems and technologies and established organizational relationships. Solutions should minimize risk to the organization and utilize existing resources. Because of the expertise developed in this position, it is necessary to regularly initiate and communicate viewpoints on problems and opportunities in a factual, straightforward manner. This job allows for autonomy and independence, and is primarily self-reliant. If the job involves managing others, there is a need for someone who will exercise the necessary authority in assuring that subordinates meet or exceed the same technical standards of quality and accuracy. Delegation must be firm, clear and focused on the specific tasks and technical activities of the job. Because of the fast paced job environment, decisions must be made quickly and firmly, within the defined scope of job authority and based on job expertise. In general, this is a valued expert expected to deliver high quality, accurate results, while efficiently maintaining and enhancing existing organizational systems and standards.

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