Dining Experience Associate

Colonial Courtyard at Clearfield

(Clearfield, PA)

Currently Hiring:

  • PT - 2nd shift - 4p-8p
  • PT - 1st Shift - 630a-230p

FT = Full Time | PT = Part Time | OPT = Occasional Part Time

Departmental Accountabilities: Food Service
Reports To: Food Service Director
Desired Education Level: High School
Position Summary:

Assist in all dietary functions. Responsible for washing silverware, dishes, cooking utensils and appliances and cleaning kitchen and dining area. Operates the dishwasher, sweeps and mops floors; maintains food storage areas and refrigerator/freezer in a clean and orderly manner. Returns clean dishes and utensils to proper storage area. Responsible for preparing dining room for meals by setting tables, folding napkins, filling water glasses, providing and refilling condiments.

Required Job Functions:

1. Performs all duties and responsibilities with a positive attitude.
2. Operates and maintains dishwasher, including testing chemical level.
3. Maintains kitchen and dish cleaning supplies.
4. Removes garbage from kitchen area to dumpster and maintains garbage area in sanitary manner.
5. Assists in food preparation as needed.
6. Prepares meal trays as needed.
7. Assists in storing food and food supplies as needed.
8. Maintains food storage areas in a clean and orderly manner.
9. Cleans worktables, refrigerators/freezers, stove and appliances.
10. Sweeps and mops floor
11. Maintains adequate inventory of clean dishes and utensils for meals.
12. Returns clean dishes and utensils to proper storage areas.
13. Assures that safety and sanitation regulations are followed at all times.
14. Attends all required in-service trainings and orientations.
15. Maintains sanitation log.
16. Assists with preparing the dining room for meals and cleaning dining room.
17. Assists in pouring beverages and serving meals as necessary in the dining room.
18. Clear tables and change linens in the dining room.
19. Set dining room tables for the next meal.
20. Prepares and delivers snacks as needed.
21. Responds to Residents' requests.
22. Respects Residents’ rights, privacy and dignity.

Equipment Required to Operate:

1. Industrial size dishwasher
2. Vacuum cleaner
3. Mop and bucket


A. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Requires the ability to maintain kitchen and dining areas, as well as all dishes, utensils and appliances in a clean and orderly manner. Knowledge of operating industrial dishwasher and knowledge of sanitation standards is essential. Requires frequent heavy lifting, bending, stretching and standing for extended periods of time. Requires the ability to communicate effectively in English both orally and in writing.

B. Education
A high school diploma or GED is preferred.

C. Experience
Six months to one year prior experience in food service or dishwashing is preferred.

D. Certificates/Licenses
As required by county/state in which employed.

Additional Information:

IntegraCare is an Equal Opportunity Employer